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With as many challenges as the local economy presents, I don’t find it suprising that there exists a degree of popular sentiment to wish that in some way we could just unplug from the broader grid and focus on the Domestic Economy. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your own point of view) that does not really appear to be very much of an option. However you could argue a strong rational to focus support on domestic independence on agriculture and energy for a sustainable grounds on the Economy where attainable.

As much as we appreciate the vision and goal of Independence in the Economy, there will always be some inter-dependent element of Trade and needs and the reality is the more we Trade, the more we work with each other. The more we work with each other the more connected we are and ideally through Trade a more stable and civil manner of relationships exists. The benefits of trade are economic and financial, but they also serve other important social needs and an overall aim of sustainable civility.

To better understand Trade, Economics, Statistics and the connecting line of Financial Decision Making in the broader Global space. Open the learning with the following insights:

G8 – The Top Group on Trade Currently with the UK Presidency

Next Round G20 – Currently with the Russian Presidency

“G20 members represent almost:

1. 90% of global GDP. 2. 80% of international global-trade. 3. 2/3 of the world’s population lives in G20 member countries. 4. 84% of all fossil fuel emissions are produced by G20 countries [1].

At their first meeting in Washington, the G20 Leaders achieved general agreement amongst the G20 on how to cooperate in key areas so as to strengthen economic growth, deal with the financial crisis and agreed upon three key objectives:

- restoring global economic growth; – strengthening the international financial system; – reforming international financial institutions.

The presidency of the G20 rotates annually among its members. The presidency leads a three-member management group of previous, current and future chairs, referred to as the Troika, the purpose of which is to ensure transparency, fairness, and continuity from one presidency to another. The G20 does not have a secretariat of its own. A temporary secretariat is set up by the country that holds the presidency for the term of chairmanship.”

from the G20 site for more understanding follow the link.

And lastly but not Least:

The EU Irish Presidency as implied for the EU.

This is the knowledge round up on the Management of the G8, G20 and the EU on Global Finance, Economics and Trade.

DCarsonCPA in the role of support on Micro Financials and awareness through Macro Financials in support of Trade and Growth and the important responsibilities we share as citizens in the states to understand the Global Framework of Decision Making and it’s impact to US Financials and International Trade Opportunities. The weight in the balance are the present challenges and future opportunities in the Domestic Economy. Knowledge is the right place to start.





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