On Legal Business: NCSC on State Court Statistics

In the world of cost accounting if you can connect activities to costs and drivers (which you can generally always find a way to do) you can implement a system of management reporting that produces insight for efficient operations. The whole process of Accounting for Business, Non Profits, Governance or Individuals is looking for ways to quantify business activities and connect the costs to drivers to produce meaningful insight to expenses. The Judicial Branch is an important element of state government and while the importance of Justice is both tangible and intangible (and of great importance), statistics provide a meaningful pathway to better understand a court as an operational entity. This is important because understanding a court as a business is a meaningful way to correspond in the public forum on important elements for the states like court funding.

With that in mind the below resource from NCSC is a useful link to State Level quantification to the Courts as operating Businesses or Entities for analysis through Statistics, follow the below link to NCSC State Courts Statistics as a reference resources for those that would seek to help on the challenges in Public Finance, including the Overall issue of Funding State Courts across the Nation. While the State Courts fall to the individual states for Decision Making on Financials, the aggregation of State Court knowledge is helpful to understanding courts as functional financial entities.


The linking of caseloads to operational finance is an important area where cost accounting and financial analysis can help on court efficiency.

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