Intellectual Property on the National and the Global scales

An important part of the US and World Economy today is built on knowledge capital and services, through these services come the patents, trademarks, copyrights, service marks and other avenues of Intellectual Property.

Once this Intellectual Property is properly processed through the channels of creating IP with Legal support or through the Author or Inventor’s efforts you can eventually create both Legal Property and potentially tangible value. If you have created a Legal property with Tangible value – we can assist on the Financials to capture that IP value in Financials, for Accounting, Taxes and tracking of these Assets as IP which is intangible property in terms of both GAAP and IFRS.

For your knowledge awareness we have resources on Music IP on our website at direct link to: IP – Intellectual Property – The “Intangible” Asset Class with Real Financial Value at that will eventually also grow to include patents, trademarks, service marks and other lines that are informally covered through the various DCarsonCPA knowledge lines for awareness.

For broader awareness connect with these additional international knowledge points on IP:


UK IP Office

European Patent Office

ALL good start points for additional knowledge on the important area of Global Financial Intellectual Property. A point where Legal, Financial and other expert services on valuation and assessment converge to follow the creator to  create, assess and account for value as an intangible asset  that can be brought then into financial statements, accounting, analysis and tax workflows.

Our role is on Financials for Accounting, Taxes, Compliance, Financials and Advisory, part of that role is to help you improve with awareness as a Financial Decision Maker. The value of knowledge for awareness here on IP and in other areas exists as a start point where you can begin to build awareness of a point where you can better engage on questions through knowledge. Your responsibility as a Financial Decision Maker is to be informed and make prudent financial decisions that will help your needs on financials with compliance. Where we meet on services we can help you and partner with professional services teams that include various business team representatives to cover Intellectual Property needs for Financials.

We are NOT Attorney’s, we can support your needs in correspondence with Attorney’s or other needs you may have where Intellectual Property meets financials which could also include support work with specialists who offer appraisals for valuation, engineers, technical authors or other team members to the degree that such work corresponds with financials. As always we encourage that if you are in the business of creating value that results in IP that you connect with resources that can help you protect that IP at the point where the IP creates Financial Value through Financial, Accounting, Analysis and Tax Services .

Always, be aware that IP is not automatically protected, rather it is generally required that you must take positive actions to affirm your ownership of IP and that generally involves your engaging the support of an Attorney or taking direct action (which can be at the risk of omissions which may compromise the value you create – so it is always recommended to engage an Attorney on this). You have worked hard to create IP, be diligent to protect that IP – the general awareness links here provide a start point on that road that you must follow.

DCarsonCPA where your business connects with financials we work with knowledge, experience, teamwork and research to support the operational and strategic needs of financial decision makers on services.  We are interested to support client needs on IP and these awareness points are general reference points which must be independently followed up by you for confirmation and verification (they are relevant knowledge points for awareness here that you can pursue with your attorney – we assist with financials once value is created through process of registering IP).Where we meet on services we work with financial knowledge for IP needs to for specific client needs on Financials.  Visit us to learn more at  .


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