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On Economics, Research, BRICS and Trade:

On the pathway to understanding Global Trade following the lines of major Trade groups the G8 and the  G20 are followed by up and coming lines from BRICS the (relatively) new  trade group of Brazil, Russia, India, China and suprise entrant South Africa. In unity these groups comprise 25% of world GDP, 40 % of the World’s Population (*) and a key growth component of the global economy at present.

BRICS just wrapped up their 5th meeting in which they generally agreed to form a Development Bank (***) to cover their regions. For awareness of Global Trade, Economic Development and Global Finance BRICS awareness is important for your Business, Non Profit and Governance screens of knowledge.

Though we’ve only just begun to follow BRICs from here, apparently South Africa was a suprise entrant to the BRICS configuration (**) and it was through following the lines of South African trade that we backed into the knowledge.

We use cross functional skills of Macro and Micro Financial awareness, Government, Policy, Industry and other awareness lines to support Financial Decision Makers in broad roles.  You can learn more of our practice at where we are available to support client needs on  financial decision making research, financials, accounting, taxes, compliance, advisory and more for decision makers.

Sources / To learn more follow the links to these resources:

(*) New Dehli, India Ministry of foreign affairs report at 3/29/12 via University of Toronto BRICS Information Center.

(**) The Economist explains : Why is South Africa included in the BRICS?

(***) Go-ahead for BRICS development bank. Read more:

How do we connect?:

We are inspired for the opportunity to support compliant Trade needs that can help the economy on domestic job opportunities and growth, and on the Global scale that starts with wide ranging awareness of the service points on global financials. On the Financials, Accounting, Taxes and Compliance needs for inbound business to the states we can help on trade needs through Financials with compliance.

This is an important time for the national and the global economy and we need to All work together with knowledge to meet the opportunities where we may. On that road One thing is certain and that is that we live in an interconnected world where the knowledge of Global Trade is very important for business and economic opportunities. You can follow our links to domestic trade support resources. We care about the present challenges and the future opportunities and as always the best way to consider where we can assist is to grow knowledge in support of Trade opportunities in valid and compliant support of Economic Growth.

It starts with the Micro Financials but invariably those micro financials are interconnected to a broader framework of Economics, Statistics, Governance, Policy, Industry needs and points where knowledge can help on operations and strategy for Financial Decision Makers. Decision Makers are increasingly challenged to find the pathways that can help on Business needs through Financials and corresponding services and we are here to help on that field of client support services. Where we work the pathway is paved with knowledge, experience, teamwork and research in support of Financial Decision Makers. Learn more at and find our knowledge maps on the web at DCarsonCPA as the start points for conversations on support services where our skills can assist.









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