On The Greek Economy and the lines of Decision Making, Financials and Trade

Following the updates in the Euro Zone for a greater understanding of European Economics an International Trade. Spotlight on the Greek Economy for an important understanding of the Economics, Statistics and Governance of Greece for the outline of the conceptual framework of Financial Decision Making in Greece.

The Greece Central Bank on the Economy http://www.bankofgreece.gr/Pages/en/default.aspx

Greece Statistics http://www.statistics.gr/portal/page/portal/ESYE

Greece Government, The Hellenic Republic http://www.mfa.gr/usa/en/

DCarsonCPA on the lines of Financial Decision Making and Compliant International Trade in support of Economic Growth and Service opportunities on Accounting, Taxes, Financials, Compliance and Advisory for inbound US Business on Financials and support needs on operations and analysis.



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