The Cyprus Economy

The Cyprus Economy has been very prevalent in the news from the Euro Zone over the past week. As a Financial Professional with an Investment Industry background I tend to look for Macro and Micro Financial Data and the framework of surrounding Policy, Industry and Regulations to understand Financial events.

It was indicated in readings today on the Economy that the Greek Economy (or perhaps the Cyprus Economy) represents some 1% of Euro Zone GDP.  I do not have that precise answer in front of me now and I’ll add that precision here as I review it but from a point of analysis interest here are some relevant points of knowledge growth.

The Central Bank of Cyprus:

Cyprus Statistics:

Cyprus Government:

There’s a fairly detailed level of knowledge on Cyprus that can be understood through following the above resources to learn more and understand the contextual issues in the Cypriot Economy.

We’ll be back here soon to learn more as the updates continue to expand on the understanding of Cyprus in relevance to the Euro Economy.

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