On International Trade and Economic Growth

We tend to be disenfranchised as Financial Consumers, focused on the immediacy of where we are and what we are doing in the Individual Realms. There is nothing inherently wrong about that and it is true that in fact the greatest impact we have is always at the micro level. However in the broader sphere the Financial Decisions made at localized levels in the Economy travel throughout the broader economy as distant waves and where the waves meet other waves of similar activity (where our decision making mirrors or aligns to the decision making of others in the Economy) they tend to resonate and reflect into Economic and Trade Statistics. It’s important to keep sight of that impact, especially for Business, Governance and Non Profit Financials where we tend to more frequently connect in the Macro Economy.  While working with micro financials the awareness of macro financials can open up opportunities or provide avenues to productive change for various needs on financials.

Along those lines we follow the updates from the International points where we may at some point find relevant opportunities to support compliant trade on export or import needs through Financials, Accounting, Taxes, Compliance, Analysis or other Business needs on Operations or Strategy where skills with Macro and Micro Economic Research, Government, Policy and Industry understaning of Financial Decision Making can add value on Client Services. Into a broader line of connecting the Quantitative, Governance, Industry and Legal skills with time to help in productive ways in support of Economic Growth and Trade opportunities through knowledge growth and research.

DCarsonCPA.com where the line of knowledge, experience, teamwork and research connects on Client Services for Financial Decision Makers and the related opportunity to build knowledge for improvements in Public Financials.

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