On Legal Business: NCSC on State Court Statistics

In the world of cost accounting if you can connect activities to costs and drivers (which you can generally always find a way to do) you can implement a system of management reporting that produces insight for efficient operations. The whole process of Accounting for Business, Non Profits, Governance or Individuals is looking for ways to quantify business activities and connect the costs to drivers to produce meaningful insight to expenses. The Judicial Branch is an important element of state government and while the importance of Justice is both tangible and intangible (and of great importance), statistics provide a meaningful pathway to better understand a court as an operational entity. This is important because understanding a court as a business is a meaningful way to correspond in the public forum on important elements for the states like court funding.

With that in mind the below resource from NCSC is a useful link to State Level quantification to the Courts as operating Businesses or Entities for analysis through Statistics, follow the below link to NCSC State Courts Statistics as a reference resources for those that would seek to help on the challenges in Public Finance, including the Overall issue of Funding State Courts across the Nation. While the State Courts fall to the individual states for Decision Making on Financials, the aggregation of State Court knowledge is helpful to understanding courts as functional financial entities.


The linking of caseloads to operational finance is an important area where cost accounting and financial analysis can help on court efficiency.

DCarsonCPA in support of broad needs for Government, Non Profits, Industry and Individuals where we meet on financials and as stakeholders in common seekimg to meet the current challenges in public finance to open the future opportunities in the economy. We work with knowledge, experience, teamwork and research in support of opportunities to support clients on services and to contribute knowledge awareness to the points where quantitative (economic, statistical and financial analysis) skills can help on the public challenges. Learn more at www.dcarsoncpa.com .



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Intellectual Property on the National and the Global scales

An important part of the US and World Economy today is built on knowledge capital and services, through these services come the patents, trademarks, copyrights, service marks and other avenues of Intellectual Property.

Once this Intellectual Property is properly processed through the channels of creating IP with Legal support or through the Author or Inventor’s efforts you can eventually create both Legal Property and potentially tangible value. If you have created a Legal property with Tangible value – we can assist on the Financials to capture that IP value in Financials, for Accounting, Taxes and tracking of these Assets as IP which is intangible property in terms of both GAAP and IFRS.

For your knowledge awareness we have resources on Music IP on our website at www.dcarsoncpa.com direct link to: IP – Intellectual Property – The “Intangible” Asset Class with Real Financial Value at http://www.dcarsoncpa.com/resources/ip_-_intellectual_property that will eventually also grow to include patents, trademarks, service marks and other lines that are informally covered through the various DCarsonCPA knowledge lines for awareness.

For broader awareness connect with these additional international knowledge points on IP:

WIPO http://www.wipo.int/portal/index.html.en

UK IP Office http://www.ipo.gov.uk/

European Patent Office http://www.epo.org/

ALL good start points for additional knowledge on the important area of Global Financial Intellectual Property. A point where Legal, Financial and other expert services on valuation and assessment converge to follow the creator to  create, assess and account for value as an intangible asset  that can be brought then into financial statements, accounting, analysis and tax workflows.

Our role is on Financials for Accounting, Taxes, Compliance, Financials and Advisory, part of that role is to help you improve with awareness as a Financial Decision Maker. The value of knowledge for awareness here on IP and in other areas exists as a start point where you can begin to build awareness of a point where you can better engage on questions through knowledge. Your responsibility as a Financial Decision Maker is to be informed and make prudent financial decisions that will help your needs on financials with compliance. Where we meet on services we can help you and partner with professional services teams that include various business team representatives to cover Intellectual Property needs for Financials.

We are NOT Attorney’s, we can support your needs in correspondence with Attorney’s or other needs you may have where Intellectual Property meets financials which could also include support work with specialists who offer appraisals for valuation, engineers, technical authors or other team members to the degree that such work corresponds with financials. As always we encourage that if you are in the business of creating value that results in IP that you connect with resources that can help you protect that IP at the point where the IP creates Financial Value through Financial, Accounting, Analysis and Tax Services .

Always, be aware that IP is not automatically protected, rather it is generally required that you must take positive actions to affirm your ownership of IP and that generally involves your engaging the support of an Attorney or taking direct action (which can be at the risk of omissions which may compromise the value you create – so it is always recommended to engage an Attorney on this). You have worked hard to create IP, be diligent to protect that IP – the general awareness links here provide a start point on that road that you must follow.

DCarsonCPA where your business connects with financials we work with knowledge, experience, teamwork and research to support the operational and strategic needs of financial decision makers on services.  We are interested to support client needs on IP and these awareness points are general reference points which must be independently followed up by you for confirmation and verification (they are relevant knowledge points for awareness here that you can pursue with your attorney – we assist with financials once value is created through process of registering IP).Where we meet on services we work with financial knowledge for IP needs to for specific client needs on Financials.  Visit us to learn more at www.dcarsoncpa.com  .


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On US Trade and The South Korean Economy, resources for Decision Makers

This section under development on the South Korean Economy, an important new area of US trade agreements.

via USTR: U.S. – Korea Free Trade Agreement New Opportunities for U.S. Exporters Under the U.S.-Korea Trade Agreement http://www.ustr.gov/trade-agreements/free-trade-agreements/korus-fta

Relevant resources  on the South Korean economy and financial decision making:

Korean Exchange http://eng.krx.co.kr/

korean market regulator FSS  http://english.fss.or.kr/fss/en/laws/securities/list.jsp?bbsid=1289368624482

KFIA – Korean Financial industry association http://www.kofia.or.kr/kofia/index.cfm?event=eng.main

bank of korea (CB) http://eng.bok.or.kr/eng/engMain.action

KOTRA http://blog.investkorea.org/wordpress/?p=2797

statistics korea (kostat) http://kostat.go.kr/portal/english/index.action

We will be updating these resources soon with more narrative and contextual framework, but in the meantime we are sharing them “as is” in support of current opportunities on trade where the knowledge may assist as a framework for business opportunity awareness.

Find DCarsonCPA in support of Financial Decision Makers and the compliant opportunities in support of Trade for Economic Growth and Job Opportunities in the domestic economy. If we can help the lines of export knowledge on corresponding services through Financials, Accounting, Taxes, Compliance or other needs we are here to do so, please learn more at www.dcarsoncpa.com . We work with wide ranging knowledge maps and the pathway of knowledge, experience, teamwork and research in support of clients needs on services. We’d be pleased to discuss your needs on services or corresponding financial decision making research and analysis.


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Economic Research: On BRICS and Global Trade

On Economics, Research, BRICS and Trade:

On the pathway to understanding Global Trade following the lines of major Trade groups the G8 and the  G20 are followed by up and coming lines from BRICS the (relatively) new  trade group of Brazil, Russia, India, China and suprise entrant South Africa. In unity these groups comprise 25% of world GDP, 40 % of the World’s Population (*) and a key growth component of the global economy at present.

BRICS just wrapped up their 5th meeting in which they generally agreed to form a Development Bank (***) to cover their regions. For awareness of Global Trade, Economic Development and Global Finance BRICS awareness is important for your Business, Non Profit and Governance screens of knowledge.

Though we’ve only just begun to follow BRICs from here, apparently South Africa was a suprise entrant to the BRICS configuration (**) and it was through following the lines of South African trade that we backed into the knowledge.

We use cross functional skills of Macro and Micro Financial awareness, Government, Policy, Industry and other awareness lines to support Financial Decision Makers in broad roles.  You can learn more of our practice at www.dcarsoncpa.com where we are available to support client needs on  financial decision making research, financials, accounting, taxes, compliance, advisory and more for decision makers.

Sources / To learn more follow the links to these resources:

(*) New Dehli, India Ministry of foreign affairs report at 3/29/12 via University of Toronto BRICS Information Center.  http://www.brics.utoronto.ca/docs/120329-brics-report-summary.html

(**) The Economist explains : Why is South Africa included in the BRICS? http://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2013/03/economist-explains-why-south-africa-brics

(***) Go-ahead for BRICS development bank. Read more: http://www.southafrica.info/global/brics/bank-270313.htm#ixzz2PAx0WOHo

How do we connect?:

We are inspired for the opportunity to support compliant Trade needs that can help the economy on domestic job opportunities and growth, and on the Global scale that starts with wide ranging awareness of the service points on global financials. On the Financials, Accounting, Taxes and Compliance needs for inbound business to the states we can help on trade needs through Financials with compliance.

This is an important time for the national and the global economy and we need to All work together with knowledge to meet the opportunities where we may. On that road One thing is certain and that is that we live in an interconnected world where the knowledge of Global Trade is very important for business and economic opportunities. You can follow our links to domestic trade support resources. We care about the present challenges and the future opportunities and as always the best way to consider where we can assist is to grow knowledge in support of Trade opportunities in valid and compliant support of Economic Growth.

It starts with the Micro Financials but invariably those micro financials are interconnected to a broader framework of Economics, Statistics, Governance, Policy, Industry needs and points where knowledge can help on operations and strategy for Financial Decision Makers. Decision Makers are increasingly challenged to find the pathways that can help on Business needs through Financials and corresponding services and we are here to help on that field of client support services. Where we work the pathway is paved with knowledge, experience, teamwork and research in support of Financial Decision Makers. Learn more at www.dcarsoncpa.com and find our knowledge maps on the web at DCarsonCPA as the start points for conversations on support services where our skills can assist.









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The Global Economy / Knowledge is the Right Place to Start

With as many challenges as the local economy presents, I don’t find it suprising that there exists a degree of popular sentiment to wish that in some way we could just unplug from the broader grid and focus on the Domestic Economy. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your own point of view) that does not really appear to be very much of an option. However you could argue a strong rational to focus support on domestic independence on agriculture and energy for a sustainable grounds on the Economy where attainable.

As much as we appreciate the vision and goal of Independence in the Economy, there will always be some inter-dependent element of Trade and needs and the reality is the more we Trade, the more we work with each other. The more we work with each other the more connected we are and ideally through Trade a more stable and civil manner of relationships exists. The benefits of trade are economic and financial, but they also serve other important social needs and an overall aim of sustainable civility.

To better understand Trade, Economics, Statistics and the connecting line of Financial Decision Making in the broader Global space. Open the learning with the following insights:

G8 – The Top Group on Trade Currently with the UK Presidency


Next Round G20 – Currently with the Russian Presidency


“G20 members represent almost:

1. 90% of global GDP. 2. 80% of international global-trade. 3. 2/3 of the world’s population lives in G20 member countries. 4. 84% of all fossil fuel emissions are produced by G20 countries [1].

At their first meeting in Washington, the G20 Leaders achieved general agreement amongst the G20 on how to cooperate in key areas so as to strengthen economic growth, deal with the financial crisis and agreed upon three key objectives:

- restoring global economic growth; – strengthening the international financial system; – reforming international financial institutions.

The presidency of the G20 rotates annually among its members. The presidency leads a three-member management group of previous, current and future chairs, referred to as the Troika, the purpose of which is to ensure transparency, fairness, and continuity from one presidency to another. The G20 does not have a secretariat of its own. A temporary secretariat is set up by the country that holds the presidency for the term of chairmanship.”

from the G20 site for more understanding follow the link.

And lastly but not Least:

The EU Irish Presidency http://www.eu2013.ie/ as implied for the EU.

This is the knowledge round up on the Management of the G8, G20 and the EU on Global Finance, Economics and Trade.

DCarsonCPA in the role of support on Micro Financials and awareness through Macro Financials in support of Trade and Growth and the important responsibilities we share as citizens in the states to understand the Global Framework of Decision Making and it’s impact to US Financials and International Trade Opportunities. The weight in the balance are the present challenges and future opportunities in the Domestic Economy. Knowledge is the right place to start.





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The Italian Economy

An overview reference map on Financial Decision Making in the Italian Economy through the lines of Economics, Statistics and the Framework of related Governance.

The Italy Central Bank http://www.bancaditalia.it/%3Binternal&action=_setlanguage.action?LANGUAGE=en

Italy Statistics http://en.istat.it/

Italy Trade http://www.italtrade.com/about/about_us.htm

DCarsonCPA on the line of Financial Decision Making and Compliant support of Trade on Accounting, Taxes, Financials and Governance in support of inbound US Trade and Economic Growth.


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On The Greek Economy and the lines of Decision Making, Financials and Trade

Following the updates in the Euro Zone for a greater understanding of European Economics an International Trade. Spotlight on the Greek Economy for an important understanding of the Economics, Statistics and Governance of Greece for the outline of the conceptual framework of Financial Decision Making in Greece.

The Greece Central Bank on the Economy http://www.bankofgreece.gr/Pages/en/default.aspx

Greece Statistics http://www.statistics.gr/portal/page/portal/ESYE

Greece Government, The Hellenic Republic http://www.mfa.gr/usa/en/

DCarsonCPA on the lines of Financial Decision Making and Compliant International Trade in support of Economic Growth and Service opportunities on Accounting, Taxes, Financials, Compliance and Advisory for inbound US Business on Financials and support needs on operations and analysis.



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On International Trade and Economic Growth

We tend to be disenfranchised as Financial Consumers, focused on the immediacy of where we are and what we are doing in the Individual Realms. There is nothing inherently wrong about that and it is true that in fact the greatest impact we have is always at the micro level. However in the broader sphere the Financial Decisions made at localized levels in the Economy travel throughout the broader economy as distant waves and where the waves meet other waves of similar activity (where our decision making mirrors or aligns to the decision making of others in the Economy) they tend to resonate and reflect into Economic and Trade Statistics. It’s important to keep sight of that impact, especially for Business, Governance and Non Profit Financials where we tend to more frequently connect in the Macro Economy.  While working with micro financials the awareness of macro financials can open up opportunities or provide avenues to productive change for various needs on financials.

Along those lines we follow the updates from the International points where we may at some point find relevant opportunities to support compliant trade on export or import needs through Financials, Accounting, Taxes, Compliance, Analysis or other Business needs on Operations or Strategy where skills with Macro and Micro Economic Research, Government, Policy and Industry understaning of Financial Decision Making can add value on Client Services. Into a broader line of connecting the Quantitative, Governance, Industry and Legal skills with time to help in productive ways in support of Economic Growth and Trade opportunities through knowledge growth and research.

DCarsonCPA.com where the line of knowledge, experience, teamwork and research connects on Client Services for Financial Decision Makers and the related opportunity to build knowledge for improvements in Public Financials.

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The Cyprus Economy

The Cyprus Economy has been very prevalent in the news from the Euro Zone over the past week. As a Financial Professional with an Investment Industry background I tend to look for Macro and Micro Financial Data and the framework of surrounding Policy, Industry and Regulations to understand Financial events.

It was indicated in readings today on the Economy that the Greek Economy (or perhaps the Cyprus Economy) represents some 1% of Euro Zone GDP.  I do not have that precise answer in front of me now and I’ll add that precision here as I review it but from a point of analysis interest here are some relevant points of knowledge growth.

The Central Bank of Cyprus:


Cyprus Statistics:


Cyprus Government:


There’s a fairly detailed level of knowledge on Cyprus that can be understood through following the above resources to learn more and understand the contextual issues in the Cypriot Economy.

We’ll be back here soon to learn more as the updates continue to expand on the understanding of Cyprus in relevance to the Euro Economy.

DCarsonCPA on knowledge and research in support of improved Financial understanding and awareness, for the opportunities on trade and the opportunity to support Client Services with Financial Decision Making Research for improved operational and strategic decision making through Financials.

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SEC EDGAR – Links et al

Current Events:


SEC Laws In a Nutshell:


Top Investor Complaints 2011:






FTP Extracts for XBRL:


DCarsonCPA on your needs for SEC Compliance, Accounting, Financial Reporting and Strategic Support Services – we work with the flows of research that readily port from Broad Knowledge to the Focused needs of Financial Decision Makers in Sector Services. Learn more at www.dcarsoncpa.com .


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