Knowing your City by Knowing the Financials. An Introduction to the NYC CAFR.

You work Hard every day, you pay your Taxes or you are one of many New York City Residents in a time of transition as we continue to deal with the Fall out from the calamity in Our Financial Markets that continues to impact the New York Economy which is inextricably connected to Financial Services. During this time of challenge it is the General Businesses which appear to keep Our Economy moving and there is a great under current of former employees of Companies moving to take their independence and greater control over their financial destiny by excercising their talents towards Entrepreneurial Pursuits.

We all hope for a speedy Economic Recover and for a return of a Fair Balance of Jobs to afford all the diginity of Financial Independence that comes from working to support Our own needs, Our Family needs and the Community needs through work. Of key importance to all of us as New York City Residents is the Functioning of Our New York City Government and there is no clearer place to see this all then in the New York City CAFR the Comprehensive Financial Report which is annually reviewed by the Comptroller’s Office and prepared by FIS (Financial Information Services) in NYC.

Follow this link to the most recent CAFR from the FY Ended June 2010 and continue to follow with us as we seek to bring you to a greater understanding of NYC Financials so you can be a better part of supporting your City and the Key Financial Decisions that impact us all by engaging with the Decisions that impact your every day quality of life through the Mayors Office, the City Council and the New York State Unified Court System which encompasses NYC.


We are the web presence of Dean T. Carson II, CPA a practice that supports your needs on CPA Services on Accounting, Taxes, Reporting, Analysis and more. We look to better connect you with the Financial decision making that impacts your life, your family, your community, businesses and our great city. Through connecting the line of Accounting and Regulations, Taxation and Compliance that runs through NYC Government, Industry, Business, Non Profits and Individuals we seek to be a greater resource for your Financial needs with connection to the circumstance that guide your Financial Life as New York City Individuals, Non Profits and Businesses as we all work together to make the most of these challenging times and hope for better times on the road ahead. Being better students of NYC Financials can help us all better support decision makers as we seek the path to Economic Recovery.

No matter where you stand you are a Financial Decision maker and your ability to better connect with Financial Data or the knowledge of Finance increases your ability to meet Financial Success….we seek to support you on that path with greater insights as you follow with us.

You can learn more about us at or reach us at – we value your interests and are here for you on services.

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Dean T. Carson II, CPA 15 years Business and Wall Street Experience in Financial Services as a Senior Consultant and CFO / Controller. Expertise with GAAP, IFRS, GAAS, Taxes (IRS, NY & CT), Regulatory (SEC and other) and Compliance (FINRA). Member AICPA, NYSSCPAs, CSCPAs, NYSSA + more.
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