Know your City Government to better meet opportunities. The League of Women Voters Guide to NYC Government as updated at 2011.

New York City has made some great progress on the Internet with Services, but still can be a tough City Government to comprehend and yet in any location you must understand how a system works if you hope to be an effective part of interacting with Government and seeking pathways to improvements. If you see a point where your Government could be more efficient – it’s very important to connect with the organized structure of Governance to productively bring your improvement ideas in. Most people are aware of the Mayors Office / NYC Executive Branch  - The Executive Arm of NYC Government where the Departments and Agencies are led from and an equally important body to be aware of is Our NYC Legislative body – the New York City Council – where your concerns meet NYC Law through representation.  Judicial Activity for New York City take place in the New York State Unified Court System.

To better understand and interact with your government in NYC from the conceptual framework we consider that you need to know the following , New York City is a Legal Entity like our Government it runs on written rule of Law that is contained in the New York City Charter and the Administrative code – the key Legal Documents / Laws that provide the structure for New York City.

Many years ago there was an effective movement to support the Rights of Women to vote in the United States called the Movement for Women’s Suffrage (a link to scholastic pending future update) out of which grew a group which was called the League of Women Voters to protect, inform and defend the right of Women to vote. This movement which like many parts of our past that may be hard to envision today (since we may not have seen the difficulty of the process first hand, but which provides powerful evidence of the advancements made in civil rights through action) was enacted to the US Constitution under the 19th Amendment to the constitution which denied the ability to discriminate on voting rights based on a persons gender. 

The League in it’s present form supports both Male and Female voters now that we are all (fortunately and fairly through the actions of those before us) more protected in Our Voting Rights (and the League deserves due credit for helping lead on this cause) . The League of Women Voters carries forward a key knowledge trust on NYC Governance. I really like their guide which is called “What makes New York City Run?”  available for $8 from them or alternatively potentially free at your Local Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island or Manhattan Library it’s a concise guide to understanding how this great city runs from an Operational Standpoint. Currently updated for 2011 – it’s a strong learning tool in NYC to better know your Government and better interact with it. This counts on Property Taxes, Building Codes, and much much more…in most lines of Business, Non Profit and Individual Life and Accounting and Finances there are many connecting points to Regulation.

One point that I always like to share is that we all have been entrusted with something great in this Country, Our Freedoms, Our Rights and Liberties and even though every process can be continually improved we have come a long way in short time. Your ability to productively interact with your Government is an important right. In fact it is a step that can help improve governance for us ALL by adding improvements where you see opportunities. is a business powered by knowledge, experience and research we are here to support your Business, Non Profit and Individual Accounting, Taxes, Operations, Compliance, Finances and more. Primarily Focused in this blog line on Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Westchester and Nassau Counties in New York State (but open to assist you in other Locations in NYS and beyond). Reach us at .

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