Finding the Key Points for National Interests in IRS Taxes, SEC Regulation, FINRA rules and other matters of Accounting, Taxes, Compliance and more – The Key Points is Our National Level Blog to cover Federal Level Regulations, Accounting Standards, Tax Laws and more. On the key points blog we cover SEC Regulations, FINRA Rules, Government Financials and Regulations, FASB Accounting Standards Codifications, IFRS,  Federal Tax laws and more. Connecting the line on Government, Industry, Business, Non Profits and Individuals through the common connections of Accounting, Taxation, Regulations and other key matters of importance.

This is Our New York Blog focused on New York State, New York City and the New York way of Life. New York City is an Information Capital, the International Business Headquarters  of Commerce and the meeting cross roads for the world in North America. We made a specific point of keeping a Focused Line of Communication available right here where we can focus on New York Government, Industry, Business, Non Profits and Regulation. We hope you like what you find here with us in our efforts to better connect with you on Business, Non Profit and Individual Accounting, Taxation, Regulation and other points of interest. We encourage you to follow us on twitter at DCarsonCPA_NYC and we welcome your interests. As always you can find our web page at and contact us at . We are focused on Client Services built on knowledge, experience and insight.

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Dean T. Carson II, CPA 15 years Business and Wall Street Experience in Financial Services as a Senior Consultant and CFO / Controller. Expertise with GAAP, IFRS, GAAS, Taxes (IRS, NY & CT), Regulatory (SEC and other) and Compliance (FINRA). Member AICPA, NYSSCPAs, CSCPAs, NYSSA + more.
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