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In strong reflection of comparable actions at the Federal Level like the SEC’s website that can help you become a more knowledgeable investor and consumer of financial services,  and other similar Federal Level Government Resources, NY State Comptroller DiNapoli has launched Our NY State Equivalent at

It is a visually rich website that promises to be a helpful resource on Building Financial knolwedge for New Yorkers and beyond, at the State level. We applaud both the Federal and New York State websites which promise to be helpful resources for Financial Consumers. Knowledge on Finances = Power in Financial Decision Making.

We are the CPA Practice that focuses on your overall financial well being. For Government, Industry, Business, Non Profit and Individuals we focus on the connecting lines of Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Compliance, Advisory and more – we are here to support your finances with knowledge, experience and strong skills in broad financial research.  We value Our Client’s, your Understanding of Accounting and Reporting services we provide, and the opportunity to support you through Accounting, Finances, Advisory and more. We Work with Alliances and build value with efficiency, proven skills, solution networks, business ethics, regulatory compliance and strong controls.  Learn more at and contact us for your needs at we bring you big knowledge in a convenient business model that adjusts to your needs.

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Dean T. Carson II, CPA 15 years Business and Wall Street Experience in Financial Services as a Senior Consultant and CFO / Controller. Expertise with GAAP, IFRS, GAAS, Taxes (IRS, NY & CT), Regulatory (SEC and other) and Compliance (FINRA). Member AICPA, NYSSCPAs, CSCPAs, NYSSA + more.
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