Public Speaking, Training and working to support Leadership with Financial Expertise is your Traditional and Strategic CPA Services Solution that works SMART to meet the modern environment for CPA Services and will evolve over time to be a practice that is differentiated for ideas that work with the Framework for Regulation but also innovation.  We seek to take a strong position in thought, we seek to meet you at the intercepts of Accounting, Taxation, Operations, Controls, Regulations, Technology and Finance working smart with Government, Industry and Business knowledge to support Accounting, Reporting, Business Analysis, Efficiency, Strategy and more.

We have new ideas that can re inspire your Sales Efforts in General Business and Financial Services, redirect your Accounting Operations for Efficiency, Empower non-financial leaders with Accounting Insight,  encourage product development in the Technology Sector,  and bring a refreshing view on ways we may creatively meet the road ahead in Corporate and Business Finance.

At DCarsonCPA we are interested in Speaking , Training and Leadership Engagements to project our skills and strengthen our Audiences  understanding of our expertise in relation to their needs. In example – how the CPA views your Business – Financial Perspective for a Non-Financial Audience, how you should view your Investments, better management through better financial reporting, how to open your Accounting department to drive better Innovatiion to support Sales, Suppliers, Corporate Governance and better Management and Financial reporting. Our skills and experiences from Management and Operations roles provide key insight to business needs and can inspire new solutions.

We are also very interested in working with Our Government at every level to help workshop ideas on Public Finance and the road ahead in gaining efficient services in Government and Managing down the debt with Business skills. There is a great connection between Accounting, Taxes, Regulations, Finance, Business, Government and Individual lives and We are interested in Speaking, Training and supporting Executive, Legislative, Department, Agency and Business Leaderhip in the many ways we can through Strategic CPA Consulting Services.

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Dean T. Carson II, CPA 15 years Business and Wall Street Experience in Financial Services as a Senior Consultant and CFO / Controller. Expertise with GAAP, IFRS, GAAS, Taxes (IRS, NY & CT), Regulatory (SEC and other) and Compliance (FINRA). Member AICPA, NYSSCPAs, CSCPAs, NYSSA + more.
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    hello there, perfect blog site, and a really good understand! definitely one for my book marks.

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