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We haven’t had as much of a chance as we hoped to yet to collect all your Feedback and clear it for posting, but we wanted to take the opportunity to State that we really appreciated your Positive Encouragement and will be posting more soon. When we do we will likely link it through twitter… you can find us on twitter at DCarsonCPA, NYCTAXCPA4u and CT_TAXCPA4u where we are with an active eye on the US Economy, Jobs, Accounting, Finance, Industry, Taxes, Regulation and much more. We are here to make a difference that includes caring about your Business, your Finances and the Economy, the Nation and more. We are encouraging the cooperation of Financial Professionals to perform similar analysis to share insight on Financials and we encourage you to participate constructively in the Legislative process to promote Public Finance Reform in the better interest of the Nations Future. We believe that we need better tools in Legislation, tools similar to Business Metrics, but weighted to calculate the additional necessary dimension of Societal Benefit.

The True Equation that works in Public Finance is not the “Balanced Budget” which is really just about limiting spending to Tax Inflows….that helps but the real answer is:

Govt Expenditures = Tax Inflows – Interest on Debt and X Factor Debt Reduction where we all solve for X.

Solving for X is the social contract we work on in a bipartisan manner in the better interest of the US Economic Future and by default the overall world economy as a secondary beneficiary.

Part of the Path Ahead is about Balancing Trade for Reciprocal Returns to the US Economy, this needs to be a priority. We care about the Future and Part of the Future is about the need to fully support US Agriculture at the Family Farm level and the larger level, its about US Manufacturing – we need to build, and Services redistricting On Shore – we have the Local Talent to cover many needs it’s a myth to say that we don’t and a cop out to the Challenge of Education.

If you cross over to our Facebook Page you can catch a re-broadcast on CSpan of Bernankes meeting today (July 13, 2011) with the House Financial Services Committe on the semi-annual address on the State of the Economy and Currency Policy by the Chairman. Find it here :

Lastly and Importantly we share that we are in Fact Pro International Trade while we are also Pro US Economy. We believe that the US must Act in its own best interest on Trade and the National Economy, but that doesn’t mean that we are not in support of Trade. We support Balanced Trade that in the Aggregate promotes the flow of Goods and Services in both directions when weighed across the full spectrum of partnerships and agreements. As stakeholders we need to promote a Future that makes sense for Our Children and Our Financial Future as you do, but we always remember that we are deeply connected to an International Community – so if the conversation goes to the Economy and Trade the purpose is not to Isolate anyone, its just an acknowledgement that there is a need for the US Economy to heal. We believe that as the Domestic Economy heals, that the International Economy will also heal. No Doubt that there are many great places for us all to work together in the future, but in fairness we must be focused on the needs we have Onshore before we can fully engage on external needs.

We appreciate your time, that you have taken the time to read here and we hope we can be a support to your future needs at some point. Our very best regards and Thanks. the Accounting Practice that Focuses on Broad Ranging Issues meeting you at the many intersections of Business and Individual Accounting and Finance where Regulations Guide Accounting and Reporting and where innovative thinking must be the path ahead to solve problems and move forward to fix future needs and solve current challenges in the Economy.

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Dean T. Carson II, CPA 15 years Business and Wall Street Experience in Financial Services as a Senior Consultant and CFO / Controller. Expertise with GAAP, IFRS, GAAS, Taxes (IRS, NY & CT), Regulatory (SEC and other) and Compliance (FINRA). Member AICPA, NYSSCPAs, CSCPAs, NYSSA + more.
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