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WordPress is an excellent Blog Platform if you know how to work the plug ins but currently we have a need to move fast and Blogger is a medium which moves faster for us (blame it on a learning curve if you will). Blogger is allowing us to move quickly in a manner that we can bring you information faster. We will continue to post here and climb the curve on wordpress but we welcome you to meet us at our other homes as well: the Empire Line - Our NYS Focused Blog Line. NYC Borough Lines - Our NYC Focused Blog Line.

There’s more to follow that we will connect you with soon, but this link provides you with continuity on Our New York Coverage for NYS and NYC…. we look forward to seeing you there and hopefully engaging your interests in better pursuit of connecting the line on Government, Industry, Business, Non Profit and Individual Financial Decision Making Information. Learn more at or e-mail us at .

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The Judicial Branch in New York State and New York City

A key part of Understanding Finances is also understanding New York State and City Courts where you may at times need to go to resolve issues of a Financial Nature in Property Ownership, Business, Tenancy or other matters. To be better aware of how NYS and NYC Courts work to support your needs, here is a guide from the New York State Unified Court System where you can learn more:

The New York State Courts – An Introductory Guide

We are here to support you on your needs in New York State and New York City for CPA Services, Expert Testimony, Valuations, Bankruptcies and more including Taxes, Partnership and Business Acccounting, Non Profit Financials, Individual Returns, Sales Audits and more. Find us at or reach us at we are here to support your needs in compliance with Federal, State and Local Tax Laws and Regulations.

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Checking in with NYC Government Branches in Overview

In a brief overview we scanned NYC Government and Reached the following information we found interesting to share for a periodic update:




NYC Council Committee Calendar  - Stop by the NYC Council Committee Calendar to tune in with the Agenda in NYC Legislature and catch up with NYC Government in the key review process of issues at Committees to consider where your concerns may be covered. the City Council is the Legislative body of New York City where New York City Law Making is covered.


The New York State Unified Court System is the Judicial Body that oversees NYC Law in the Courts. Here from NYS UCS:

New York City Tenants – Questions and Answers about Housing Court - Where NYC Landlords and Tenant meet to resolve issues corresponding to Rents, Repairs, Evictions and more.


NYC Comptroller Liu’s Office has completed some 62 YTD 2011 Audits the below cited Audit is an example of one of the Audits ( A Joint Audit with NYS) that introduces the opportunity to discuss the MTA:

The 7/11 Joint Audit of NYS and NYC  MTA NYC Transit Audit on Subway Service Diversions

This Audit was Focused on Diversions and Delays in Services, an Operational Audit with useful insights. Along this same line of work  most NYC residents really want an Audit of  MTA Finances – we will continue to look for that Financial Audit and share it with you here as soon as we locate it. The MTA is a key service we all rely on and we all have a strong interest in seeing the results of the MTA Financial Audit and understanding the funding and allocations process and the evolution of continuing fare hikes. is the web presence of Dean T. Carson II, CPA working to connect Government, Industry, Business, Non Profits and Individuals on the key process of Decision Making correspondent to Accounting, Operations, Compliance, Taxation, Advisory and more. We work to support Financial Decision Makers with Broad Knowledge that frequently involves the connecting points between Regulations and corresponding Accounting and Reporting or Taxation and Compliance Obligations. Our Ability to broadly support Financial Decision Making is a key part of the value we add on Traditional and Strategic CPA Services. We connect with information that matters to you. Find us at or learn more at . We are here to Assist.

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Knowing your City by Knowing the Financials. An Introduction to the NYC CAFR.

You work Hard every day, you pay your Taxes or you are one of many New York City Residents in a time of transition as we continue to deal with the Fall out from the calamity in Our Financial Markets that continues to impact the New York Economy which is inextricably connected to Financial Services. During this time of challenge it is the General Businesses which appear to keep Our Economy moving and there is a great under current of former employees of Companies moving to take their independence and greater control over their financial destiny by excercising their talents towards Entrepreneurial Pursuits.

We all hope for a speedy Economic Recover and for a return of a Fair Balance of Jobs to afford all the diginity of Financial Independence that comes from working to support Our own needs, Our Family needs and the Community needs through work. Of key importance to all of us as New York City Residents is the Functioning of Our New York City Government and there is no clearer place to see this all then in the New York City CAFR the Comprehensive Financial Report which is annually reviewed by the Comptroller’s Office and prepared by FIS (Financial Information Services) in NYC.

Follow this link to the most recent CAFR from the FY Ended June 2010 and continue to follow with us as we seek to bring you to a greater understanding of NYC Financials so you can be a better part of supporting your City and the Key Financial Decisions that impact us all by engaging with the Decisions that impact your every day quality of life through the Mayors Office, the City Council and the New York State Unified Court System which encompasses NYC.


We are the web presence of Dean T. Carson II, CPA a practice that supports your needs on CPA Services on Accounting, Taxes, Reporting, Analysis and more. We look to better connect you with the Financial decision making that impacts your life, your family, your community, businesses and our great city. Through connecting the line of Accounting and Regulations, Taxation and Compliance that runs through NYC Government, Industry, Business, Non Profits and Individuals we seek to be a greater resource for your Financial needs with connection to the circumstance that guide your Financial Life as New York City Individuals, Non Profits and Businesses as we all work together to make the most of these challenging times and hope for better times on the road ahead. Being better students of NYC Financials can help us all better support decision makers as we seek the path to Economic Recovery.

No matter where you stand you are a Financial Decision maker and your ability to better connect with Financial Data or the knowledge of Finance increases your ability to meet Financial Success….we seek to support you on that path with greater insights as you follow with us.

You can learn more about us at or reach us at – we value your interests and are here for you on services.

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Know your City Government to better meet opportunities. The League of Women Voters Guide to NYC Government as updated at 2011.

New York City has made some great progress on the Internet with Services, but still can be a tough City Government to comprehend and yet in any location you must understand how a system works if you hope to be an effective part of interacting with Government and seeking pathways to improvements. If you see a point where your Government could be more efficient – it’s very important to connect with the organized structure of Governance to productively bring your improvement ideas in. Most people are aware of the Mayors Office / NYC Executive Branch  - The Executive Arm of NYC Government where the Departments and Agencies are led from and an equally important body to be aware of is Our NYC Legislative body – the New York City Council – where your concerns meet NYC Law through representation.  Judicial Activity for New York City take place in the New York State Unified Court System.

To better understand and interact with your government in NYC from the conceptual framework we consider that you need to know the following , New York City is a Legal Entity like our Government it runs on written rule of Law that is contained in the New York City Charter and the Administrative code – the key Legal Documents / Laws that provide the structure for New York City.

Many years ago there was an effective movement to support the Rights of Women to vote in the United States called the Movement for Women’s Suffrage (a link to scholastic pending future update) out of which grew a group which was called the League of Women Voters to protect, inform and defend the right of Women to vote. This movement which like many parts of our past that may be hard to envision today (since we may not have seen the difficulty of the process first hand, but which provides powerful evidence of the advancements made in civil rights through action) was enacted to the US Constitution under the 19th Amendment to the constitution which denied the ability to discriminate on voting rights based on a persons gender. 

The League in it’s present form supports both Male and Female voters now that we are all (fortunately and fairly through the actions of those before us) more protected in Our Voting Rights (and the League deserves due credit for helping lead on this cause) . The League of Women Voters carries forward a key knowledge trust on NYC Governance. I really like their guide which is called “What makes New York City Run?”  available for $8 from them or alternatively potentially free at your Local Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island or Manhattan Library it’s a concise guide to understanding how this great city runs from an Operational Standpoint. Currently updated for 2011 – it’s a strong learning tool in NYC to better know your Government and better interact with it. This counts on Property Taxes, Building Codes, and much much more…in most lines of Business, Non Profit and Individual Life and Accounting and Finances there are many connecting points to Regulation.

One point that I always like to share is that we all have been entrusted with something great in this Country, Our Freedoms, Our Rights and Liberties and even though every process can be continually improved we have come a long way in short time. Your ability to productively interact with your Government is an important right. In fact it is a step that can help improve governance for us ALL by adding improvements where you see opportunities. is a business powered by knowledge, experience and research we are here to support your Business, Non Profit and Individual Accounting, Taxes, Operations, Compliance, Finances and more. Primarily Focused in this blog line on Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Westchester and Nassau Counties in New York State (but open to assist you in other Locations in NYS and beyond). Reach us at .

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Finding the Key Points for National Interests in IRS Taxes, SEC Regulation, FINRA rules and other matters of Accounting, Taxes, Compliance and more – The Key Points is Our National Level Blog to cover Federal Level Regulations, Accounting Standards, Tax Laws and more. On the key points blog we cover SEC Regulations, FINRA Rules, Government Financials and Regulations, FASB Accounting Standards Codifications, IFRS,  Federal Tax laws and more. Connecting the line on Government, Industry, Business, Non Profits and Individuals through the common connections of Accounting, Taxation, Regulations and other key matters of importance.

This is Our New York Blog focused on New York State, New York City and the New York way of Life. New York City is an Information Capital, the International Business Headquarters  of Commerce and the meeting cross roads for the world in North America. We made a specific point of keeping a Focused Line of Communication available right here where we can focus on New York Government, Industry, Business, Non Profits and Regulation. We hope you like what you find here with us in our efforts to better connect with you on Business, Non Profit and Individual Accounting, Taxation, Regulation and other points of interest. We encourage you to follow us on twitter at DCarsonCPA_NYC and we welcome your interests. As always you can find our web page at and contact us at . We are focused on Client Services built on knowledge, experience and insight.

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New York Financial Learning Resources – Your Money New York

In strong reflection of comparable actions at the Federal Level like the SEC’s website that can help you become a more knowledgeable investor and consumer of financial services,  and other similar Federal Level Government Resources, NY State Comptroller DiNapoli has launched Our NY State Equivalent at

It is a visually rich website that promises to be a helpful resource on Building Financial knolwedge for New Yorkers and beyond, at the State level. We applaud both the Federal and New York State websites which promise to be helpful resources for Financial Consumers. Knowledge on Finances = Power in Financial Decision Making.

We are the CPA Practice that focuses on your overall financial well being. For Government, Industry, Business, Non Profit and Individuals we focus on the connecting lines of Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Compliance, Advisory and more – we are here to support your finances with knowledge, experience and strong skills in broad financial research.  We value Our Client’s, your Understanding of Accounting and Reporting services we provide, and the opportunity to support you through Accounting, Finances, Advisory and more. We Work with Alliances and build value with efficiency, proven skills, solution networks, business ethics, regulatory compliance and strong controls.  Learn more at and contact us for your needs at we bring you big knowledge in a convenient business model that adjusts to your needs.

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CNBC’s “American Greed” and the Incidence of Financial Fraud

For a few month’s now,  I have been following with interest CNBC’s program “American Greed” which follows actual cases of Fraud and Embezzelement, they do a good job of illustrating  the real life cases of where Bad Actors take advantage on Public, Corporate and Individual Finances. To fully be aware of Fraud and the bad actions people take on Accounting and Finance it helps to follow shows like this and cases in US Courts – at the SEC and in the Criminal Courts. Having a strong awareness of Financial Fraud is very important – the goal is to mitigate risks for any Business, Non For Profit or Individual and awareness of Fraud and Bad Actions goes a long way to achieve this. There is no substitute for Education and Awareness on Fraud and Financial Bad Actions.

You have Business and Individual resources in this direction that are free and within your reach. We highly recommend that for your Business, Non For Profit or Personal Finances that you become a student of what is commonly referred to as Investor Protection Awareness. The Following resources can help:

At the SEC


At the NY State Attorney Generals Office (*)

(*) We provided NYS AG’s Investor Protection because this is Our Regional New York blog – but from any state you are welcome to follow of course and the good news is ALL States generally have IPA (Investor Protection Awareness) at the State Attorney General (AG) level

Follow the news on Financial Crimes, use caution with respect to your Personal Data to protect yourself from Identity Theft and if you have questions – ask them, trust your cautionary instincts to best protect your Business and Individual Financial Assets.

Fraud and Embezzlement are the intentional actions of Bad Actors who may or may not use methods to conceal their Financial Actions and what they benefit from mostly is a lapse in a  Control Environment – a Control Environment has a specific meaning in the realm of Accounting and Corporate Governance – the meaning is about the ways that straight forward and thoughtfully considered methods can be placed in your Operations to prevent or reduce the risk of Fraud, Defalcation or misapppropriation of your Business Assets. Strong Controls while subject to a cost benefit constraint and not “perfect” are your best direction in preventing Bad Actors from taking advantage of your Business, Stealing Assets and placing your Corporate, Entrepreneurial of Non For Profit mission at risk.

In the world of personal Finances – you may not have formalized Accounting “Controls” but there are key steps that can help you. These steps include enacting some key checks and balances with a deference to protecting your personal financial data and revealing data only where there is a bonafide need to do so. Be cautious of being casually lured into revealing key data by fraudulent e-mails (the IRS – will NEVER e-mail and request your info under current laws, and Banks and other Financial Institutions would be unlikely to do this as well), or be lured or led into doing so on the Phone. Better than I could explain this in short time, the links to IPA (Investor Protection Awareness) will explain this concept more. When you have questions – ask them and don’t be afraid to let people know you will verify information needs prior to releasing sensitive data (and always do so).

The Risk of Financial Fraud or attempted Identity Theft is a real risk we all face in Business, Non for Profits and Individual Finances. Our Strong suggestion is that you must prepare yourself with knowledge to better protect your Finances and work with a sense of Caution on Financial Details.

We can support your needs for Business Controls and can help you to better connect with resources that will make you a better Financial Consumer, one that Protects your Business, NFP and Individual interests with the sense of professional caution that better supports your interests on Finances.

Call us anytime when you are thinking about how to better enact Business, NFP, or Individual Financial Controls – we have expertise in Audit, Controls, Investor Protection Awareness and more and would be glad to use these skills to help you learn how to better defend your Financials from the real world risks we face in this modern time.

Being a well informed Investor or Consumer and independently confirmations can help – find ways to independently verify “facts” for validity. We have helped more than a few people avoid bad moves in sharing financial data and alot of it comes simply from the consideration of the who, what,when, where, how and why on revealing your data and never jumping into doing so…. if you ever feel compelled to take and action right away or you’ll lose a too good to be true opportunity – it’s a sign of being pressured. Pressure on revealing data may be a marker for Fraud if not just inconsiderate. But be equally aware of a subtle (smooth) approach. For your best bet use a system of checks and balances – run the logic through a test and protect your Financial Data.

Financial Data and Personal Identity information has value and is an Asset – Protect your Business, NFP and Individual Financial Data with prudence and due care. We are here to help you on Accounting, Taxes and Finances and part of the process (a key part) is financial education to better protect your hard earned monies. We consider efficiency, accuracy, recordkeeping, controls, relationships and much more as a broad ranging solution set for your Financial Needs. Since our business activities do not currently include Investing and Focus on the Recordkeeping end – we can perform a great service in tracking and monitoring Business, NFP and Individual wealth as a key Independent Financial Reporting and analytical cross check on Investments. A good part of protecting Assets is watching them closely on a regular interval.

For Businesses, Non for Profits and Individuals here as your solution set in Wealth Management Accounting and Reporting. For Investors, Directors, Corporate Officers, Athletes, Entertainers, Artists, Business Professionals and other key roles we provide a sharp solution with Focus on Capturing, Reporting and placing sound Financial Controls on the reporting of your Hard Earned Assets to keep you in the driver’s seat to best manage and grow your Business, NFP or Individual Financial resources. We walk with you on Accounting, Reporting and Controls at where it’s about your Business, your Finances, Our Families,  and the Financial Futures that matter to all of us. – we’re thinking smart on steps to protect your Business, NFP and Individual Finances.



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Public Speaking, Training and working to support Leadership with Financial Expertise is your Traditional and Strategic CPA Services Solution that works SMART to meet the modern environment for CPA Services and will evolve over time to be a practice that is differentiated for ideas that work with the Framework for Regulation but also innovation.  We seek to take a strong position in thought, we seek to meet you at the intercepts of Accounting, Taxation, Operations, Controls, Regulations, Technology and Finance working smart with Government, Industry and Business knowledge to support Accounting, Reporting, Business Analysis, Efficiency, Strategy and more.

We have new ideas that can re inspire your Sales Efforts in General Business and Financial Services, redirect your Accounting Operations for Efficiency, Empower non-financial leaders with Accounting Insight,  encourage product development in the Technology Sector,  and bring a refreshing view on ways we may creatively meet the road ahead in Corporate and Business Finance.

At DCarsonCPA we are interested in Speaking , Training and Leadership Engagements to project our skills and strengthen our Audiences  understanding of our expertise in relation to their needs. In example – how the CPA views your Business – Financial Perspective for a Non-Financial Audience, how you should view your Investments, better management through better financial reporting, how to open your Accounting department to drive better Innovatiion to support Sales, Suppliers, Corporate Governance and better Management and Financial reporting. Our skills and experiences from Management and Operations roles provide key insight to business needs and can inspire new solutions.

We are also very interested in working with Our Government at every level to help workshop ideas on Public Finance and the road ahead in gaining efficient services in Government and Managing down the debt with Business skills. There is a great connection between Accounting, Taxes, Regulations, Finance, Business, Government and Individual lives and We are interested in Speaking, Training and supporting Executive, Legislative, Department, Agency and Business Leaderhip in the many ways we can through Strategic CPA Consulting Services.

Express track it at and learn more about us at

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Financial Writing, Research driven by Special needs in Accounting, Finance, Operations, Taxation, Compliance, Governance, Business, Industries and more. is your SMART solution powered by knowledge and research, with hands on expertise and unique insight. We wrote Articles and New Analysis for Our Student Newspaper years ago at Pace Univeristy, received top marks in English, wrote Audit reports and analyses for Businesses later (Fortune 500, medium and small business) and have the unique ability to connect to audiences in all range of insight from novice to expert. We find unique ways to make Accounting, Taxes, Compliance, Business, General Subjects and Personal Finances approachable or to challenge established thinking to promote innovation at the expert level. We are wide open to the opportunity to support your specialized needs for Financial or other written Content.

We use our skills from the CPA Licensing path, Business experience in General Business and Financial Services, knowledge of key operations, Financials, Analysis, CMA path knowledge on Advanced Management Accounting, pathwork in the CFA training program at NYSSA and wide ranging connection to Government, Industry, Business, Non-For Profits and more. We use our Financial knowledge, insight and skills to build content or deliver specialized Accounting Driven Research you need for your Business.

We have writing skills that go well beyond what you are expecting from an Accounting angle and we are here to help you with our writing, analysis, interviewing and research skills. We can help you deliver an edge that is not so easily found in the general press as CPAs and Analysts spend more time focused on Business in a tough environment. The Financial press is something we enjoy and using skills from the established CPA and early CFA path along with our existing writing expertise can bring you insight that is refreshing and new. We know Financial Services, Advertising, Entertainment, Retail, Policy, Regulations, and much more. We bring connection to Government through better knowledge of Financials and would be happy to support financial and other writing contracts that do not conflict with our professional standards.

Audience and voice- Our own unique experiences provide us the benefit of broad connection with a wide cross-section of interested parties from Businesses to Individuals across varying groups that represent the robust diveristy that makes New York and international business capital and vibrant social center in the same breath.  From Businesses to Individuals from Board to Support Services and working Americans we know how to connect and understand the needs of our constituency. Broad connecting, diverse experience and adaptability is a big part of the expertise that better supports us on Client Services.

If you are interested in connecting with us to explore this avenue, express it by e-mailing us at



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